Mini Australian Shepherd

Mini Australian Shepherd

Five years ago we got our first Mini Aussie and she is still with us. We love to raise them as they are a very smart and intelligent dog. We have had numerous reports from our previous customers who have said they are easily trained.

Australian Shepherds, bred initially to herd livestock and be work dogs, have maintained their energetic nature and are happiest when given a task and being played with. These dogs are very intelligent and thrive when performing activities and love to learn new tricks and games. They are easy to train and highly intelligent, but do have a tendency to bark or howl, and use their mouth to communicate by chewing or play-biting, and for this reason usually enjoy activities such as fetch. Aussies are prone to explore and have very high energy needs. It is important for them to get lots of exercise; they are very playful and not receiving the attention they need could lead to them developing destructive tendencies or being loud. Without a job to do they will often invent their own job so it is important to keep them occupied; they can even learn how to help with chores! Their ability to perform tasks make them excellent guide dogs for personal assistance and they excel at search and rescue or police work as well. Australian Shepherds can make excellent family dogs for active families. They are very loyal and bond well with owners while also doing well with strangers and other dogs as well. Their tendency to herd may have them gently herding kids, but they usually do really well with children! Australian Shepherds also are very protective and will warn their owners if they hear or see something, and require a confident owner or they will feel like they are assuming the dominant role. They should also be exposed to other people at an early age or they may become fearful around strangers that could lead to aggressive behavior. Aussies require a moderate amount of grooming, but a lot of attention and don’t do well being left alone.

Aussies are beautiful dogs with a wide range of colors that vary greatly between puppies.

Australian Shepherds are generally healthy dogs, but it is important to research specific breeds to determine common illnesses they may be prone to. Because of their tendency to roam it is important to ensure they have secure fencing, electric fencing does not work for this breed. These dogs are happy to take commands and will be excited to play with you!

Each dog breed can be prone to develop certain diseases or conditions, be sure to research your specific breed before making a purchase to ensure you´re prepared for any challenges that may arise. This information is only a generalization and we make no guarantees on any breed related

to personality, appearance, or typical health characteristics.